Shrinking: Show passed on one cringe-worthy romance for another

What kind of guilt do you want? Shrinking was serving up all of it, topped with a cringe-worthy romance that no one was asking for.

Oh. Don’t get me wrong. The show was still superb.

First off. We need to discuss how we all talk at parties. It seems like we’re always trying to ramp up our depression at what should be a happy occasion. That’s what happened here. The guest started getting Jimmy depressed. Gabby started dwelling on her sex life. Paul showed up high. Liz would join him.

And before we knew it, Jimmy threw up all over the piano in the middle of what should have been a beautiful engagement. We still got it later, thankfully.

But the show didn’t do a lot for parties this week.

Let’s talk about hook-ups.

I’m so happy that showrunners passed on Sean and Alice. “Shrinking” has done a lot to raise awareness of veterans issues. It would have been a big downer for Sean to connect with Alice that way. It could have collapsed his entire arc.

But the decision with Jimmy and Gaby wasn’t the best either. I just want to know why.

The reason I ask is because the chemistry in that office is just so perfect right now. It needed no tweaking. Now we have an office romance that will eventually have to be refereed by Paul. Its complicated.

And finally, lets talk about Paul. More specifically, Harrison Ford, playing it high.

I was getting Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire vibes from Ford when he got to the party. But he too had to deal with some guilt over having his daughter come take care of him.

Real fast. Derek and Liz crushed it again this week.

Don’t get the Jimmy and Gaby thing twisted. I still love this show. And I’ll see you next time.

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