South Park: Show tackles labor shortage and rising construction costs

We got a new South Park this week, and the topical, decades long, animation staple handled another issue that is effecting all of us in some way. The labor shortage, and the cost of doing business.

It all started with Butters getting a job at an ice cream shop. When Cartman gets jealous of the money he’s making, he gets a job there too, but he doesn’t even last four hours before asking for a mental health day and working from home privileges.

Cartman then discovers that being your own boss is the way to go, and converts the hot dog stand he’s been living in with his mom for the past season into a kiddie park with Butters as his lone investor. He recruits Kenny and the two begin blowing all of Butter’s money, only to realize that they can’t find people to work for them at DikinBaus (it means exactly what you think it does).

Butters eventually has to start working at DikinBaus and the place is a success. He explores franchising opportunities and real estate options, while reaching a deal with Cartman’s mom to get him back in their old home. After the water slide and minature golf course that Cartman has added on to the hot dog stand he’s taken back home screaming and crying as the show comes to an end.

The show hits some pretty funny notes. Including the sensitive labor force that has to be given every opportunity to not work as much as possible, and rising construction costs that saps even more of Butter’s money. At its core, the episode does reward hard work with Butters eventually making his money back.

It was a fun time. Check it out when you get a chance.

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