Quantum Leap: Epic season one finale gives us a lot to think about ahead of sophomore campaign

Let’s get the big question out of the way. Does Sam Beckett appear in the season one finale of Quantum Leap?

No. He does not.

But boy, was it a hell of an episode. Incredible sci-fi drama that everyone at Quantum Leap should be proud of. Let’s not waste anymore time.

Ben leaps to the future, the year 2051, where he encounters Ian during the nuclear winter when Ziggy is destroyed. His stay is a (very) short one though. Its not long before he leaps into himself back in 2018, the night of his first date with Addison. And he has to make sure the date is a success while trying to stop Martinez from killing her. Martinez leaps into Magic, before the two battle into the quantum accelerator and start reliving their previous leaps together. They battle in the asylum. The battleship. And finally in the wild west, where Martinez is killed. Ian puts the pieces together back in 2023 and the show ends on a positive cliffhanger with someone leaping into the room. Possibly Ben. Most likely someone else.

Wow. Just wow. The ep was so much fun. Addison having to coach Ben through a date with her was awesome. We got Janis off the bench and she worked well. Jen had an awesome role to play as a hologram. We had Al name drops. It was just so much fun.

Quick nod for the camera flip during the old west fight. Nice touch.

Even Addison joking that she couldn’t remember Ben was awesome.

This was a terrific finale.

The teaser for next season shows Addison preparing to leap. That could be something big if they go that way.

But we’ve got an entire summer to think about that.

Thanks for following the blog during what has been a great opening season.

I’ll see you soon.

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