Ghosts: 33 Forever Babe

Note: Sorry for the late Ghosts review. This is because Paramount Plus left me without service (story HERE).

Let’s get on with it..

00:28: So, they’re cancelling the podcast in the middle of the season before they solve Alberta’s murder? I like that Sam can see the ghost here and she’s telling her how sad this guy is. More random location ghosts next season.

1:00: Ugh he didn’t wash his hands before shaking hands with Sam. Chrystle Lightning is the name of the ghost in this scene who is name Shiki. Are you guys shipping her with Sass? They might have lived at the same time, they’re wearing similar clothes.

1:11: Pete has an email and Trevor is helping him use it. “What did the buffalo say to his son when he dropped him off in school? Bison”. Shut the game off.

1:52: And Pete is getting hit with an email scam from a Nigerian prince.

2:40: We don’t give Ambudkar enough credit for pretending he doesn’t see these people.

2:49: Flashback! Alberta singing at a party. We have a day to discover her killer. The other ghosts are there. I guess this would have been Hetty’s son running the Woodstone.

3:50: Nigel and Sass watching Alberta and Earl make out. This guy has to be a suspect in the murder.

4:15 There is the poison. Fair question by Thor. Who drinks anything that just shows up at their doorstep? And where is creepy podcast guy?

6:15 When in trouble call a travel agent. Yeah, Trevor really shouldn’t be using the computer. That never ends well.

7:20 Hetty does love her cocaine. Doesn’t she? And why the extended shot of her after Theresa is menitoned?

8:23 Strychnine according to the CDC can be felt as soon as 15 minutes after exposure with brain death and respitory failure possible as well.

8:30 There is the Todd mention. On a Disney Cruise with his mom. Of course he is.

8:47 Hetty is acting weird. Funny joke about the basement ghosts though.

9:11 I adore Flower. Sheila Carrasco’s delivery and expressions got even better this season. One of my faves.

10:21: Great shot of Jay and Sam in the basement. Surrounded spiritually. Alone Physically

10:54: Al Capone would be a great killer. But the streets say this is supposed to be a cliff hanger.

11:40: Love this trio of ghosts but maybe too silly this time out. Lets see if they can save it.

12:00 Do actually love how they make Trevor earn every letter he types.

12:37 Yeah, I actually think you do put that on the website. I’d want to see where Al Capone committed a murder.

13:00 If Nigel is given a chance to narc on his rival, Hetty, who at this point seems connected, then
he’ll do it.

13:00 That was funny, Jay.

13:43 That is some good advice Mr Capone. Pay your taxes.

14:23 Was someone related to Hetty the killer?

Commercial cliffhanger. First time I’ve seen the Affleck, Matt Damon ‘Dunkin commercial

Commercial fact: Al Capone would have been cheating on his wife, Mae, if Alberta did dig him.

15:14 “Board did nothing for no one.” Thor is my boy.

15:54 It was Hetty’s son, Thomas. Rebecca Wisocky may be the cast MVP this season.

16:26 Earl and Thomas had a thing. Earl wouldn’t break it off with Alberta which lead to the killing.

17:02 Issac is going to take that victory lap

17:43 Sam cancelled the scam after getting a fraud alert. Rose is so adorable.

18:23 These two are great. And I guess that would be tough for a mother to accept. Her son being a killer.

We get one more reverse mortgage joke with Flower, Pete, and Trevor and I guess that’s it for this week. I believe we’ve got one more episode to go. I’ll see you guys there!

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