Retained Skilled Veterans Act help could reduce unneeded waiting period for government jobs

I’m thankful that many of our lawmakers, on both sides of the aisle, have been taking steps recently to remove as much red tape as possible on restrictions that keep us from getting to work.

One example is a 180 day waiting period that keeps us from getting government jobs, which remains a popular and effective transition vehicle for our brothers and sisters.

Luckily S334, the retained Veterans Skilled Act, will remove that waiting period and allow vets, who are well trained in their military occupations to begin their new career paths sooner. This eliminates a period of uncertainty that can cause unneeded confusion and difficulties.

And the legislation has bipartisan support.

It also has my support and the support to many of the veterans I’ve spoken to.

We must continue to chop away at unneeded restrictions that keep us from succeeding. This is an important next step.

Call your members of congress and tell them to support the Retained Skilled Veterans act. And if you need some extra help, send me an email at

Lets get this done!

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