Ted Lasso: Loving someone is scary and losing them is scarier

Real fast. Let’s talk about that cliffhanger or the “truth bomb”.

I think Ted is going to tell Rebecca that he is leaving AFC Richmond. And that win or lose on this final run, that will be it for him.

This leans nicely into the chief topic of this post. Loving people can be scary.

We learned that Ted was angry at his mom for neglecting her own self care earlier in his life, which led to both of them struggling with trauma.

We also learned that his son was struggling because he missed his dad. And that Ted was afraid of eventually losing his son.

Ted is a good dad. He loves his son. But he acknowledges that his boy will eventually leave to build his own independent life. It’s something that every parent deals with. And each one deals with that fear in their own ways.

I suppose the show is going to illustrate Ted leaving his football success to return home to be a dad. That’s fine.

But we should think about what the showrunners are telling us. It’s scary to love people.

You will eventually lose them.

If you’re lucky, it will be after a life well lived. And you’ll love them until the very last second and until your own very last second. That’s the best case scenario.

It might end up that way. It might not end up that way. It might end worse. That’s what frightens so many of us. And we’ll never really truly be ready for it. That’s what scares me.

This was a tough moment on the show. But goodness, I’m ready for what should be a wonderful finale for this television gift.

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