The Amazon Halo will have to combat concerns over user privacy if it wants to be successful

Today, Amazon Halo was trending. If you’ve got better things to do than hangout on the internet all day, the Halo is a Health and Wellness band by the eCommerce giant that tracks everything from body composition, to voice analysis, to quality of sleep, for its users (page link HERE).

The Internet’s first concern was privacy. And to be honest, it’s something Amazon does have to take a look at.

Despite it’s success and usefulness, there are still people concerned over what Alexa is really doing in their homes and how data exchanged with that charming cylinder is shared. A band that links to your phone and takes down that much personal data about you might be too much for nervous users.

Right now, Amazon has a blurb on the main product page and a link that takes you to a full page of text and a video concerning privacy. Really, it’s laid out pretty plainly but the third party entities are certainly present in the conversation. Amazon will have to do more.

Let’s talk about money.

The Halo will cost you about $65 bucks with a $4 dollar subscription fee.

That’s a brilliant revenue model for Amazon. It doesn’t set off the the alarms for a product that claims to do so much and that monthly subscription cost under $5 will also fly beneath the radar on a lot of personal budgets.

Obviously we won’t know how good of a buy it is until we get to try it, but for all the fuss about Amazon and privacy, it never seems to hurt their launches too bad.

It’s a fascinating product and I’ll be looking forward to writing more about when it becomes available.

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