After their latest tease at new work, people still dislike Nickelback for no apparent reason

When Canadian rock band, Nickelback, began trending on Tuesday after teasing some possible new music, the internet fell into their default position of hating this band, continuing a trend of dislike that can’t easily be tracked back to it’s source.

Back in the day, I spent a lot of time in Canada and became familiar with the band before their big Silver Side Up album that featured mega hit “How You Remind Me”. After that the band’s profile skyrocketed and they became very popular, very quickly.

If you can actually find an original hater, they will tell you the reason that they dislike Nickelback so badly is because the band “sold out too quickly”. Their music began appearing everywhere. beer commercials, sporting events, video games, and TV programs.

Really, people began to dislike Nickelback because they began to make a lot of money in a hurry. Not completely like Imagine Dragons right now.

The ones who don’t remember will tell you the band just isn’t any good. That’s an easier excuse to bandwagon with because music hits differently with everyone.

But the success of the band contradicts that.

I remember an interview a few years back Kid Rock did with VH1 where he was asked if he felt he needed to defend Nickelback when sharing a program with them like a “little brother.”.

Kid Rock recalled their success and said he was probably the little brother.

That makes a lot of sense even though their both musical successes.

But as we move towards whatever Nickelback has in store for their fans on Friday just remember.

You probably only dislike Nickelback because you felt that you were supposed to.

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