Cam Newton and Bill Belichick could be on the beginning of a beautiful revenge tour

Really, I’ve never been much of a Cam Newton fan. He’s said some bad things behind the podium during his time with the Carolina Panthers, and from an outsider’s perspective he’s just never been the quarterback I would want leading my team.

But on Sunday I was happy to see him win his first game with the New England Patriots.

And I was happy to see Patriots coach, Bill Belichick, find a way to win with only his third quarterback in almost 20 years (don’t forget Matt Cassel). Really, he doesn’t need my approval with his six SuperBowl rings.

Newton was able to take advantage of his forgotten mobility to rush for 75 yards and deal for a very economical 15/19 for 155 yards in the air. New England had very little trouble with the Miami Dolphins in their 21-11 victory.

This could be the beginning of something beautiful and vengeful.

You have Cam Newton with something to prove to the league. He was abandoned by the Carolina Panthers and despite being a former MVP, he was on the free agent shelf for a while before getting picked up by Belichick.

And what about that coach?

If you don’t think that Bill Belichick doesn’t want to prove to the league that he can win with anyone, you’re wrong.

This is personal for both of these men. And for Newton, it’s a quest to continue the pursuit for that elusive championship ring.

They took that first step together today.

Let the revenge tour begin.

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