Grey’s Anatomy should stay away from a ratings grab COVID episode

Believe it or not, but I’ll watch Grey’s Anatomy if it’s on. Like millions of others I began watching after that tremendous SuperBowl episode that hooked so many fourteen years ago and I watched it regularly for years. Everyone on that show should take a bow for being so good for so long.

But their decision to tackle the Coronavirus Pandemic next season (story HERE) is wrong and feels like a ratings grab.

Their explanation of trying to describe the struggles of health care workers is valid, but it’s not up to them to tell that story. At the end of the day they are a fictional prime time drama. They use story building tools. Shock. Romance. Humor.

That’s not what the explanation of the struggle these medical professionals are going through should be about. It’ real. They shouldn’t be tools for ratings.

And with no certainty on a vaccine, there is the possibility the pandemic may still be taking lives when this episode airs.

That is something I also don’t want to remember this terrific cast doing.

Grey’s Anatomy should indeed be about stories that provoke emotions. Happiness, sadness, anxiety, optimism.

But they should channel those emotions of a pandemic to pull eyeballs their way. They’re better than that.

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