NBC announces Donald Trump Town Hall, setting up dueling forums with ABC and Joe Biden

NBC lit the fuse on some fascinating political television on Wednesday morning, announcing a town hall with President Donald Trump on Thursday at 8pm EST.

The same time ABC is hosting their own town hall with Joe Biden on ABC.

We ended up with these dueling town halls after the Trump campaign declined doing a virtual debate following his COVID 19 diagnosis earlier in the month.

Today host, Savannah Guthrie, will lead the discussion and the event will be held in Miami, maintaining Florida’s standing as the biggest swing state in the country.

Social media users were upset with NBC for the second time in a week after the announcement, following Bill Burr’s performance on Saturday Night Live that riled up more sensitive members of that audience.

But on Wednesday calls to boycott the peacock were trending #1 for a time.

That news will actually be a win for the network. Social media users seldom follow up on boycott requests and NBCs line up includes plenty of non political content that draws in different demos on a regular basis.

And then there is Sunday Night Football, which has no political affiliation and always wins.

ABC will host Joe Biden in Philadelphia. Both events will observe COVID 19 safety guidelines

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