No, you shouldn’t #boycottmulan if you want to see the film

As Mulan premieres on Disney Plus Friday, after a several delays in it’s release during the Coronavirus pandemic, there are some calling for a boycott of the film.

Their calls for boycotts don’t really make any sense.

Many of the critics are pointing to remarks made by star Liu Yifei voicing her support of Hong Kong police earlier this year, with no elaboration of her remarks or even follow ups for an explanation.

You can be sure the majority of these online bullies also don’t know the first thing about politics in Hong Kong or even have any clue of the circumstances surrounding the protests there.Their intentions are self serving, with the sole purpose of boosting their own profile online.

It’s a blind boycott. Very similar to the ones “Joker” experienced before it’s theatrical release because many believed it would incite violence. It never did.

This isn’t to say Mulan’s release is perfect. I’ve been critical of the additional price Disney has put on the film in addition to the base subscription fee many of us already pay (story HERE).

If you’re a parent with kids that want to see the film, then you should definitely not boycott.

The truth is that if you look back at the films we all watched as children, there were cultural problems there too. History has tried to correct this but some of it can’t be erased.

It’s no reason why your kids should have to follow some internet agenda from people who have no clue of what they’re talking about.

I’ll be publishing my review of the film later this weekend. And it will be politics free.

As it should be.

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