Biden rivals need Donald Trump to start attacking the Florida front runner sooner than later

In case you missed it, Vice President Joe Biden has a 23 point lead in Florida over the closest rival in the Democratic Presidential primary, Bernie Sanders. Senators Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are both at 5% and everyone else might as well be invisible (story HERE).

These early results didn’t surprise anyone and it shouldn’t surprise you either. Biden has eight years as Vice President on top of his decades in Washington and he’s been a regular visitor to Florida as a campaign surrogate for Hillary Clinton, Andrew Gillum, and others. He’s earned that lead and we knew it was coming (story HERE).

So if you’re one of the other 18 or so candidates what do you do?

First you can begin by coming to Florida. Yeah, we know, Iowa and New Hampshire first or there might not be a Florida. But, we have money and a lot of voters that are still candidate shopping. Amy Klobuchar has visited once and there are other candidates that have reportedly scheduled fundraisers in the state.

But what they really need is President Donald Trump to start attacking Joe Biden sooner than later.

The President has the ultimate platform to launch as many attacks as possible and doesn’t have to worry about getting his hands dirty. The rest of the Democratic field doesn’t have that platform, doesn’t have the money, and would rather not go negative this early against a front runner many people still link to Barack Obama, the last Democrat to turn the state blue (and he did it twice).

They need Trump to wear down Biden with a barrage of accusations and theories, over the next few months to corrode the thinking of Democratic voters and cast doubt that Biden might be there guy.

He’s already considering a William Barr probe of Biden over accusations he used his power while serving as Vice President to aid his son, Hunter.

Those who aren’t in love with Biden, are supporting him because they think he can win. That’s it. The only person who can shake that philosophy is Trump.

That is unless someone is willing to do what Trump did in 2016.

They could come out swinging when the debates start this summer. They can refuse to allow Biden to lead the narrative. They could call him out on the debate stage with what many of his critics are thinking in front of a national audience. Who’s capable of that? We know Bernie won’t do it. Who else. O’Rourke? Booker? Gabbard possibly?

No. Just let Trump do it. And hope that he does it before Biden is already too far ahead.

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