CNN Detroit Debate Preview IV: Five questions we have heading into night two

Night one of the CNN Democratic Presidential Debates from Detroit is in the books (you can read a review HERE), and now it’s time to focus on night two, widely considered the more intriguing of the draw.

Here are five questions we’ve got heading into night 2:

Bonus*: We’ve already talked about the Kamala/Biden rematch, you can check that out HERE.

Will Cory Booker make Biden fight on two fronts: The former Vice President will likely try to recover from his poor showing against Kamala Harris from the last debate, but will Cory Booker, who has also been in a war of words with Biden in the media, make him defend from both sides?

Will Julian Castro have a second strong showing: Castro got mostly positive reviews from his first debate with a soft spoken but thorough understanding of the issues. Will he continue that trend tonight?

Can Kristen Gillibrand save her campaign: The Senator from New York has been underachieving. She’s got the fire and the policy knowledge but she can’t seen to garner any serious support. She was aggressive in the first debate, what will she do this time? The future of her campaign may depend on it.

Will Andrew Yang get more time and what will he do with it?: Yang is literally trying to give money away and he had less than four minutes of talking time during the first debate. He ended up with prime real estate with a podium next to Harris for this debate, can he make something happen?

What will Kamala Harris do for an encore?: Harris got a post debate bump from her strong first showing and will want to keep that momentum going. What will she do to keep that momentum going?

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