Expect Florida and Hurricane Dorian to get heavy mentions from Democratic Presidential field at Climate Change Town Hall

This afternoon, the front runners in the Democratic Presidential primary will participate in a climate change town hall hosted by CNN (story HERE).

We should expect every candidate that takes the stage to mention both Florida and Hurricane Dorian at some point during their time.

The Democratic field has been critical of Donald Trump for his handling of climate change during his time in office. This is a prime opportunity for them to share their ideas with the rest of the country.

Especially, here in Florida, the biggest swing state in the country that is home to the biggest swing region in the country the, I4 corridor.

Florida families will be home. In front of their television. And ready to listen to any solutions that could possibly deter this trend from continuing in the years to come.

And also keep a listen to how the candidates would handle any possible future hurricanes to hit Puerto Rico. Many of these American citizens from the island relocated here to the I4 corridor after Hurricane Maria.

The town halls kick off at 5PM.

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