Five Take Aways from President Donald Trump’s visit to The Villages

President Donald Trump was in The Villages on Thursday afternoon for an official White House visit to announce changes to Medicare and Medicare advantage. The Villages is a friendly environment for the President with a large population of conservative seniors (read more on that HERE).

Here are five take aways:

An official visit with a campaign rally feel for the Trumpers: Except for the size of the venue, this could have easily been a campaign rally. There was live music, jumbotrons, golf cart parades and even protesters. The remarks were full of the kind of rhetoric you would here if you were at the Amway Center for his reelection campaign earlier this year.

Lot of love for Ron DeSantis:While Rick Scott and Matt Gaetz are certainly in the conversation, I believe Ron DeSantis could be the President’s favorite Florida son. There were compliments up and down the President’s remarks for Florida’s Governor and his wife Casey. This is both a plus and a minus for DeSantis who currently enjoys a favorable approval rating in a state where Trump’s popularity is uncertain at best.

A push for cheaper import prescription drugs: The President hit on a health care talking point that has bipartisan approval reaching from Trump all the way to Bernie Sanders. That’s cheaper prescription drugs from foreign countries. Florida recently passed legislation authorizing that practice and the President even walked us through DeSantis’ likely journey acquiring those drugs for Florida.

The bad guys were socialist Democrats and the pharmaceutical companies: Trump regularly dissed Democratic lawmakers during his remarks adding that their goal was socialized medicine. Later, the President said it was the big pharmaceutical companies that were standing in the way of affordable health care and that it was the drug industry that could be involved in “the hoax” that has led to the beginning of impeach inquires in Washington.

His GOP base in the “Heart of the I4 Corridor” was activated: Trump’s visit dominated the news cycle, and while it was an official White House visit, it will no doubt reinforce his support in Central Florida ahead of what could be a contentious end of 2019 for the President.

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