Here’s who won and who lost at the ABC Democratic Presidential Debate in Houston

The top ten polling Democratic candidates for President took the stage in Houston tonight, for the third primary debate hosted by ABC and Univision.

Here are tonight’s Winners and Losers


Beto O’Rourke: He’s here because the competition put him here with praise for his actions after the tragic shooting in his hometown of El Paso. His pledge to take AR-15s away will play well with the progressives.

Amy Klobuchard: The Senator from Minnesota had her best outing tonight, finally showing some energy and passion. For a candidate that was on the edge of the stage she still got a lot of mic time this evening.

Joe Biden: He had to deal with a constant barrage of mean attacks from Julian Castro and still held his own. He was also finally able to ask some tough questions about health care to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren about how to pay for their proposals. This was his best debate to date.

Cory Booker: He had a lot of time to tell his personal stories and didn’t see any major challenges. He cruised on stage tonight.

No Decision:

Elizabeth Warren: Biden’s surging competitor had a quiet night on this more competitive stage. It was the first time she wasn’t a clear winner. She didn’t do bad by any means, she just didn’t gain any ground either.

Pete Buttigieg: Mayor Pete saw his mic time drop. This was especially true during the first hour when most of the drama was going down. He might have some work to do to stay consistently in the top 5 of polling candidates if any of the candidates below him see a bump after tonight.

Kamala Harris: Kamala has had one great debate performance, another mediocre showing, and tonight she had one that fell right between the two.


Julian Castro: Castro had Biden on the ropes a few times tonight, but his attacks might have turned off some of the moderates. People have questions about Joe Biden but they don’t dislike him enough to watch him get attacked from one lesser known candidate all night. You also have to be very careful when getting aggressive on the age of an opponent.

Bernie Sanders: He needs voice rest. You couldn’t understand what he was saying and if I have to pick between Bernie or another progressive like Elizabeth Warren, I’m going for the latter right now.

Andrew Yang: He knows a lot of doctors. He’ll make a terrific motivational speaker after his campaign is over.

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