Joe Biden mental missteps providing an opening for rivals

Former Vice President Joe Biden is 76 years old and we should all be so lucky to have the energy he has to once again jump into the campaign pressure cooker to be the next President of the United States.

Still, Biden has made a series of mental mistakes on the campaign trail (story HERE) that have some questioning his mental sharpness, while others are digging deeper and calling it a potential integrity problem.

If the Biden’s campaign doesn’t snub out these questions, it will provide an opening for both the competitive Democratic field staring up at him in the polls, and President Donald Trump, who Biden beats in several hypothetical match ups.

The problem for the Biden campaign is that pleading mental error to these missteps, allows his opponents to pick apart his health without actually attacking him. This kind of criticism can be framed to make it look like we’re concerned about his mental ability to do the job, not his voting record or character.

Or the competition can just go the traditional route and indirectly call him a liar, telling voters that if he can’t be trusted on the campaign, he can’t be trusted once elected.

So, what does Joe Biden do?

He’s already had the doctors sign off on his health (story HERE). His campaign needs to reinforce that. We’re not hearing about that in the current discussion.

Next he needs to simplify his material on the stump. Candidates love to tell stories, but if Biden can’t remember the details or gets jumbled up in the middle of his remarks, then story disconnects with it’s audience and it could do more harm then good. These remarks need to be shortened. He needs to talk about solutions more. You shouldn’t be forgetting those.

And for goodness sake, he’d better not slip up during the next debate in front of a national audience later this month.

Fewer things are more important than a candidate’s presence when addressing the voters. Joe Biden knows this.

And his campaign had better fix this in a hurry.

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