Ultimate I4 art grant is the good news we need from the embattled project right now

It’s been an awful week for I4.

Over the last week, we’ve sadly seen another death tied to the massive Ultimate I4 expressway project, the fifth tied to it’s construction (story HERE) since it began in 2015, and a LYNX bus flipped over on I4 sending 9 people to the hospital (story HERE).

In a stroke of good news, The I-4 Ultimate Project Art Endowment Committee will provide $1.5 million dollars in grants to the municipalities along the stretch of interstate tied to the project (story HERE).

While art doesn’t seem like the cure for the headaches of Ultimate I4. It’s something. We know that traffic is going to be an issue on Orlando’s main traffic artery, even after construction is completed and having some local art will make the process slightly more tolerable.

This has also been a tough couple of years for the arts in the area. When it’s time to cut the budget, we’re going to pull it from the arts first and that’s unfortunate because there is a lot of hard work that these talented groups put into their craft. We’d be much better cutting that money from government consultant contracts which we pay only to have consultants tell our leaders they’re doing a great job.

There is also the hopefully soon to be resolved money dispute between local arts groups and the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center, who has been going high on the rent according to the groups (story HERE).

Really, these two projects need each other.

So, props to everyone involved for helping make both the future of the embattled I4 project and the local arts community just a little brighter for the time being.

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