$10 million for Affordable Housing in Orange County is a step forward after last month’s bad commission decision

On Tuesday, the Orange County Commission approved $10 million dollars to be allocated towards a trust fund for affordable housing. The funds, which will come out of a surplus, will be a much needed move in the right direction on a problem that effects a large part of our community.

The decision by commissioners should be commended, but much of the community is still sore over their elected county leaders sending $125 million dollars to Universal for a road project that will greatly benefit their new park and do nothing for the rest of the county.

Still, anyone who looks at ten million and scoffs, is losing perspective over how much money that is. Yes, be upset and hold the county commission responsible for that Universal decision but also take a breath and acknowledge that the affordable housing crisis isn’t completely invisible to this board.

Ultimately, it will be the voters who decide what kind of job these commissioners are doing. Some of them will be on the ballot this November, and they’ll have to vote on whether to put a sales tax increase for transportation on the ballot, that their eventual opponents will use every chance they get. They’ll throw that money for Universal at them too.

But at least they can say they’ve done something to help their own cause on affordable housing.

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