EA should absolutely revive NCAA Football in Orlando

You ask any longtime sports gamer what title they miss that is no longer an annual event, they’ll tell you it’s NCAA College Football. Especially, down here in Florida where the college game is king and students in dorms on over half a dozen university campuses are stuck having to play as the Miami Dolphins for their video game football fix.

That might not be for much longer. A story in the paper this morning mentioned that Electronic Arts could revive the NCAA College Football series (story HERE).

And they could do it in the Creative Village in a push that could create hundreds of jobs.

Let me get this straight. We can revive one of the most popular sports franchises ever right here in Orlando, and create jobs for a new wing of the region’s most ambitious project?

What are we waiting for?

Unfortunately, it’s always the money that gets in the way. The NCAA has to get their money out of this deal and a recent push for players to profit from their likeness could get in the way. Even though it’s the right thing to do and the initiative has bipartisan support here in Florida.

Well, now it’s an Orlando thing. We need local leaders to put pressure on those opposed to the monetary barriers that could prevent us from adding these jobs and getting this game made.

We host multiple college bowl games just blocks away from where this could possibly happen and tout that we’re the “College Football capital of America” on a regular basis. There is something right about this game being made here in Orlando.

Let’s push our local leaders and EA to make this happen. And if necessary, let’s get on the NCAA to lighten up on their stance to actually let student athletes profit from their hard work. They deserve it.

And we deserve this game.

It’s only right that us UCF fans get the opportunity to be disrespected in the Top 25 on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 right here in Orlando too.

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