Father Time is catching up to Tiger Woods, and one day he’ll catch you too

Tiger Woods missed the cut at the British Open today, with a very “Untiger-like” score. Yesterday, he acknowledged that “Father Time and some procedures” have taken it’s toll on his game (story HERE).

It’s tough news to hear. He’s one of the all time greats and he’s admitting it. We’re getting to the end of his golf story, and one we’ve been following since it’s began.

At 43 years old, it’s inevitable. Father Time eventually caught up to Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, and it’s slowly catching up to LeBron James. Tom Brady is keeping him at a distance but it’s only a matter of time for him as well.

And he’s coming for you too.

We enjoyed watching Woods win the Masters earlier this year. It did great things for the game of golf and brought a lot of casual fans back into the mix for a short time.

He could probably do it again, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Much like his run at the Masters, he’s going to keep playing the game like he always has and if he’s in contention going down the stretch, he’ll dig in and see what he can do.

It’s what guys with bad backs and knees do. I know. I’ve got them too. Some of you might as well.

Years ago, I was lifting hundreds of pounds with a smile on my face and running miles with no trouble. A physical training machine built by the U.S Army. Now, I lift what I can and run as far as my knees will take me. And I pay the price.

It’s what makes us human.

Which is why it’s a real moment in sports to hear Tiger say it.

It’s not over yet. He’s going home to recover and get healthy and we’ll root for him to give us one more run when he gets back.

Hopefully, he can hold Father Time off a little longer.

Photo: CBS Sports

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