Florida Dems moving in wrong direction with “Play to tie” philosophy

The Florida Democratic Party is hosting their Leadership Blue Gala here in Orlando this weekend. Besides the main program, attendees will be able to attend panels and workshops to begin preparations for the 2020 dash, where the Sunshine State will likely determine the next President.

One of today’s main messages according to reports? Prepare for a recount (story HERE).

The article adds that “there will be teams of volunteers trained in how to monitor county canvassing boards for recount problems around the state, should one take place in the 2020 presidential election.”

It also adds that FDP hopes they will have “15,000 lawyers and volunteers in place around the state to address any voter problems.”

That’s the wrong answer for Florida Democrats who have had bad election nights in four out of the last five election cycles statewide. Why would you say something like that?

You’re playing to tie, when you should be playing to win.

Before I get too critical, let’s try to rationalize this.

Ok. Florida is going to be close, but would you allocate resources like money and volunteer hours to recount training? We just got out of a recount, it’s not that complicated. Don’t abandon your volunteers and be prepared to mobilize if you have to.

Also, if Florida once again goes to a recount, do you not believe that the entire might of the Trump campaign, his opponent’s campaign and both parties, will flood the state to make sure a recount is done properly?

You’re wasting time and money on redundancies.

How about we use that money to contact voters and ensure there is no recount to begin with?

Playing to a tie could be the reason why Ron DeSantis is Governor and Andrew Gillum is not (story HERE). How many unspent millions of dollars did the former Tallahassee Mayor have parked in his campaign account?

Commissioner of Agriculture and the only statewide elected Democrat, Nikki Fried, sprinted to the finish and let gravity do the rest during her recount.

This is just the latest blunder from the Florida Democratic Party at an event that couldn’t draw one legitimate Presidential candidate in a field of over two dozen people. Now you’re playing to tie.

It’s important to note that this falls on party leadership, not the volunteers. They’re just following the game plan.

The reason Democrats lost Florida in 2016 is because Donald Trump exceeded his projected numbers. Hillary hit hers. They should learn from that.

A real message to Florida Democrats this weekend shouldn’t have been that a recount is coming. It’s should have been that they’re not going to coast when they think they’ve got Florida won and that they’re going to win as many people over with their vision of what a President should be.

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