Forget politics, New Smyrna Trump brick should stay because it’s what was promised

Right now, the City of New Smryna Beach and a local business association are tied up in controversy because, they removed a commemorative brick from it’s place after residents complained about it’s “TRUMP 2020 Drain the Swam” wording, which also included a nick-name for a great-grandmother from Holland that purchased the brick and her great-grandson in honor of their relationship. (story HERE and HERE).

This happened because of a complaint that began on social media. Because we’ve began listening to everyone that complains on social media, including those who don’t like being warned about hurricanes (story HERE), the brick is gone, while everyone figures out what to do.

It’s easy to point straight to your opinion of Trump on whether the brick should stay or go. What bothers me is that you have a business association and a local government that’s not keeping it’s end of the deal of a promised purchase.

There were no guidelines against the brick when it was paid for. According to the reports, it was there for almost a year.

Now it’s gone. That’s bad business. If you don’t want Trump bricks on your street. Don’t. Sell. Trump. Bricks.

The brick should be allowed to stay. If some New Smyrna resident’s don’t like Trump’s presence in their community, they’re not going to be happy in a year when the entire state is blanketed in political advertisements from both sides ahead of what will be the most contentious election of our history.

Let’s talk solutions. The brick should be grand-fathered into whatever new policies the business association and the city should come up with. It’s already been there a year and the world has not ended.

If the brick absolutely must go, then this great grandmother should be allowed some kind of compromise that honorably reflects the relationship between her and her great grandson. A sizeable donation in her name and her original investment back maybe?

Either way, what happened here is that she was promised something and now it’s not being delivered. Leave your politics on the shelf for now. This is about good business and doing what’s right.

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