Frank’s Monday Orlando news story ideas

I don’t work in news everyday anymore, but I do get ideas that I would want to work on if I did.

These are my Monday morning story ideas:

Safety for Donald Trump rally in Orlando later this month: The President is scheduled to kick off his reelection campaign in Orlando later this month. With the lack of space due to construction around the Amway center, what are Orlando leaders prepared to do to keep both Trump supporters and Trump protesters safe? I did a write up yesterday (story HERE).

Do we know how power grids work during a Hurricane? With many of you working on Hurricane prep stories for the start of the season, the resilience of the power grid might be the biggest post-storm concern for Florida residents. Many people think they know how the grid is effected but are they right? And with rising energy costs, what have the utilities done to improve strength of the grid?

Bicycle safety after tragic death: A Volusia County law enforcement officer lost his life yesterday in a bicycle accident. While we continue to work on improving Central Florida’s poor standing for pedestrian safety, what are we doing about cyclists, many who take to the roads in large groups during the weekends?

Trump tariff effects on local businesses: If Trump’s tariff hikes against China and Mexico proceed, will there be any Orlando businesses that are effected? Will the possible stress on the American consumer take a toll on our tourism industry.

Has the trash situation around Lake Eola improved?: The city is promoting it’s new swans (many of you have already covered that), but Lake Eola has had trash problems in the past. I’ve been there the last two weekends and there is still litter after big events. What are we doing to prevent that?

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