Frank’s Wednesday news ideas for Orlando

Here are some of my news story ideas/pitches for Wednesday.

Mega millions watch: Half a billion dollars isn’t as big a deal as it used to be but if you’re looking for some low hanging fruit on a slow day, hyping the $475 million dollar jackpot for Friday’s Mega Millions is something.

A better understanding of burns: Smoke slowly made it’s way through Central Florida yesterday afternoon and no one was sure where it was coming from especially in areas of Seminole county. How are these burns conducted and what kind of conditions cause the smoke to go so far?

Tackling the death penalty now: The race to replace Aramis Ayala got bigger yesterday. With the continued controversy over the death penalty, can we get these candidates on the record now? This will ensure that voters know what they’re getting from each of them.

Hold over- Safety during the Orlando Trump rally: The President is scheduled to kick off his reelection campaign in Orlando later this month. With the lack of space due to construction around the Amway center, what are Orlando leaders prepared to do to keep both Trump supporters and Trump protesters safe?

Big money naming rights: With Orlando City stadium now called Exploria stadium, a lot of casual fans aren’t sure how much money is involved in the naming rights for venues like the Amway Center, Camping World Stadium (which many still call the Citrus Bowl), and now Exploria. How much are these deals worth?

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