Here are your take ways, winners and losers from night two of the CNN Detroit Debates

On Wednesday night, the second group of ten candidates in the field of 20, took to the stage for the second night of the two night CNN Democratic Presidential debates from Detroit.

Here are the takeaways: (You can view my night 1 take aways HERE)

The field blitzes Joe Biden: The former Vice President spent the first hour defending Obamacare against Medicare for All and the other hybrid proposals. Biden also went middle of the road on immigration and took fire from everyone. Booker, Bennet, Harris, and de Blaiso all had sharp exchanges with him. The veep also left time on the clock on a few occasions and at moments looked completely overwhelmed. He was sharper tonight, but you can’t debate that many people at once.

Kamala Harris also continued her feud with Biden: Harris once again steered her answers against Biden’s campaign policies during the first hour. There was also that awkward “Go easy on me kid” line during the greeting that drew scrutiny online. This isn’t over between these two.

But her record but was also attacked: As expected for some time, her record as California Attorney General came under scrutiny from Biden during his rebuttals, and Tulsi Gabbard aimed an answer straight at her which resulted in applause from the crowd and took some of her momentum away.

Bernie Sanders invoked several times: He was on stage last night but some of the candidates tried to jump on his Medicare for All bandwagon. it doesn’t hurt when the field is talking about you when you’re not even there.

Booker catches fire on prime time: Cory Booker pushed for unity against Republicans early and traded shots with Biden, besting him with the “Kool-Aid” comment. Excellent poise that should result in a bump.

Kristen Gillibrand caught napping: The New York Senator was caught completely off guard on a question on immigration replying “Uh……ummm..” before going on script with an anti Trump response. She tried to call out Biden for an op-ed against working mothers, and was called out on working with Biden on the issue before she began running for President.

The low polling field loses again: Your bubble candidates lost again. Bennet, Yang, Inslee, and de Blasio will all be after thoughts tomorrow.

Your Winners: Booker, Castro, Gabbard

No Decision: Harris

Your Losers: Biden, de Blasio, Inslee, Bennet, Gillibrand, Yang

Be sure to catch my analysis on Spectrum News 13 tomorrow and a complete wrap up on Sunday.

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