It would be unfortunate if Joe Biden loses support for being “Center-left”

Former Vice President and 2020 democratic presidential hopeful, Joe Biden, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that he is “Center-left” during an exclusive interview.

You can check that out below.

That statement, as sad as it sounds, is risky. This is because American primary voters have come to prefer a more aggressive message out of the gate in crowded primaries.

And I mean primary voters in both parties. In 2016, it was President Donald Trump, who began his climb up the polls when the debates began. This was because of his straight talking, non-political, approach, and laughs at the expense of his competition.

In primaries, “center” or “moderate” have become bad words.

Now in general elections, most of us still walk towards the center. And if you have something new and exciting to say on a platform of strong, moderate ideas, that used to get it done.

There is also the timing here. Biden is coming off of that debate performance last week, when Kamala Harris grilled him on national television regarding some of his positions earlier in his career. He was sluggish for the two hour affair and that had many pundits asking if the party had left him behind.

In the interest of preserving what little patience most “middle of the road” voters have, let’s hope not.

The first series of post debate trends have yet to be identified, I expect Biden’s lead might slip slightly. He’s still the front-runner but he’s going to have to sit down with his team and ask if center-left is going to be enough to get it done.

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