It’s back to school in Orlando, and once again time to ticket drivers that don’t respect school buses

Many of the children in Central Florida will return to school next week, which means we’ll start seeing school buses on our morning and afternoon drives again. Most of us will be good drivers and respect the flashing lights and stop signs we see when these buses stop to pick up and drop off children.

Others will be terrible human beings and drive right past them, putting the lives of these children at risk.

Last year, a few local law enforcement agencies received calls from parents who were concerned about these reckless drivers. The police responded, setting up traffic traps which stopped drivers who sped past buses (story HERE) and writing them citations.

While an ideal solution would be for driver to simply follow the rules, we both know that’s unlikely to happen. If we start seeing this trend of drivers speeding by stopped buses start to repeat itself, we’ll need law enforcement to step in and start ticketing these drivers again.

We need to take any measures we can to avoid any preventable tragedies from taking place.

School is tough enough on families without having to worry about safety at the bus stop.

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