Petition gatherers are out in full force in Orlando, and they’re aggressive

Perhaps, it was the back to school shopping, or a fairly dry weather forecast, but there were a lot of people out gathering petitions for the 2020 elections in the Orlando area this weekend. I alone walked past about eight petition gatherers at different shopping centers and movie theaters in the last day and a half

These were paid workers out for a solar energy ballot amendment and there were some other issues out there too that I didn’t get to look at, but these guys were flying around trying to get signatures from parents who lived in the area and were likely registered to vote here.

This isn’t a complaint from me. I’ve been there and its tough work out there in conditions that involved a heat index of 105 on this particular weekend. The responses you get from people aren’t always very nice either. I respect the hustle.

This post is a simple observation. I’ve never seen the area saturated the way it was this weekend.

I do believe that if you have the time, you should stop and listen to what these people are trying to do. We have a problem in Florida with wordy and confusing ballot initiatives that often throw off voters who don’t know what these questions mean. This is especially true during general elections, where casual voters are there to cast their ballots for President and little else. This means everyone’s voice is usually not heard. Let’s get educated.

And do be nice to these people. They’re not making a lot. Also, if there is a candidate or cause that you like, do consider volunteering an afternoon for the campaign. It will give you a whole new perspective of what this process is like.

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