The #IowaCaucusDisaster just means more pressure on Florida to get it right in November

If you were watching coverage of the Iowa Caucuses last night, you might have been confused by what you were seeing, especially if you’ve never observed it before.

And if you have observed it before, you still might have been confused.

Don’t feel bad if you were, the process that we saw play out last night to an uncertain conclusion was poorly done and it made Iowa look bad.

Many were having a few laughs at Iowa. Not me. Know why?

I’m from Florida. And we don’t have any room to make fun of anyone when it comes to elections.

The 2000 election is history, we all know how that played out. We still haven’t recovered from that period in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Then there was 2016 and the Russian interference lined out in the Mueller Report. We still don’t know which counties were effected.

Next, look at the recounts of 2018, where the days following our close elections once again shined the wrong kind of spotlight on Florida.

The problems in Iowa have just put everyone on high alert that these problems can occur during elections and damage the integrity of the process. Further, with a President as controversial as the one we have in the Oval Office right now, we had better have things in order come November.

The Iowa Caucus was a loud and clear warning to Florida’s leaders.

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