Call Of Duty Coldwar : Players trashing VIP escort continues a decades long tradition of dislike for escort games

On Friday afternoon, VIP escort was trending on social media. Yeah, pretty vague, but if you looked closer what you saw was the continued tradition of gamers simply hating missions where they have to look after a weak link.

This time it was Call Of Duty: Coldwar. We’re talking about the VIP escort there.

The game mode is a 6 on 6 team game consisting of one player who is the VIP. Armed with only a pistol he has to survive the onslaught of the opposing team. He lives. His team wins. He dies. His team loses.

Right now, it’s getting trashed online.

Now Call Of Duty players can be cry babies. Don’t get me started on Skill Based Matchmaking. But people have hated this kind of mode dating back to the original Nintendo Entertainment System. These kinds of missions tend to break up the action for the sake of trying to provide a variety for players. The intentions are good but seldom better for the game.

So players certainly don’t want to do that mess in one of the most anticipated games of the holiday season.

The good news is that Call Of Duty switches up games all of the time. They don’t always listen to players when they do, but this is Cold War. There still are some opportunities to change things up here.

We’ve got next gens launching soon. The only gaming news anyone wants right now is good gaming news.

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