Jerry Demings and Ron DeSantis need to bring back the “Barbershop talk” for further COVID cooperation efforts

Orlando is in such a unique place to have two drastically different leaders like Governor Ron DeSantis and Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings. In a political environment where operatives get paid to foster a toxic relationship between the two, a bipartisan dialog is rare and especially terrific when it happens.

Which is why when the two met at an Orlando barbershop over the summer, I was proud of both of them. They looked beyond the fighting of their two factions, and past the political aspirations of other blood thirsty politicians that wanted a fight and got together to just talk. And to talk with the intent of helping Orlando business.

They should do that again and soon.

The problem is that COVID numbers are spiking and there is a divide in the philsophies over how that spike should be handled. Restrictions passed down from the state have made it harder for local lawmakers to keep communities safe.

And it’s largely due to parties taking advantage of those restrictions, which at face value are intended to protect businesses and to allow people to get up and working again.

I think that if Ron DeSantis heard Jerry Demings explain certain cases, like drunk bar patrons cursing at strike teams during visits (story HERE), the Governor would make some changes. I actually believe that.

But they have to start talking to each other. Face to face. Elected official to elected official. That’s where it needs to start. Or after their meeting this summer, that’s where it needs to continue.

And it should be here at an Orlando business.

Let’s do another barbershop talk and lets once again find out the good that can come when people rise above the noise of their respective administrations start talking to each other again face to face.

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