Val Demings critics keep getting facts wrong as she remains in consideration to be Joe Biden’s running mate

With over a decade working politics in “The Heart of the I4 Corridor” you can observe many “fly in” critics that pretend they know Orlando politics every election season.

This time the critics are focused on Val Demings as she remains in contention to be Joe Biden’s running mate. I covered 3 Demings campaigns calling balls and strikes and she’s remained in my orbit as a sitting member of congress in Orlando since then. Her husband is also the Mayor of Orange County.

So it’s frustrating to see so much foolish interpretation of her time as the first female police chief of Orlando. There are columns getting so much of the process wrong (story HERE and HERE). These authors are supporters of other VP potentials for Joe Biden.

They’re wrong because they’re lumping in statistics regarding police brutality which occurred before and after she was in the position. They’re also wrong with their classification of the handling of controversial cases.

To fit their story, they believe that Demings should have broken the law as Chief Of Police by skipping over procedure of controversial cases.

How is that any different than the corruption we see at local, state, and federal levels where power is abused?

It’s not.

Some of these write ups also exclude the Demings Op-Ed after the death of George Floyd calling for reform and the weight she can bring to one of the most important swing regions in the country to win the race for the White House (link HERE). Many have also gotten amnesia regarding the role of Demings as an impeachment manager during the Trump hearings.

I’m not fan of Demings. She’ll tell you she’s no fan of mine either. But, I do insist the truth of my hometown be told correctly. That’s not happening with these write-ups.

And the truth shouldn’t fall because some outsiders don’t want her to be Vice President.

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