Ads attempt to trick Florida Seniors into opposing their own potential prescription drug price drop

It’s likely you’ve already seen the attack ads that are calling on Florida seniors to contact their state lawmakers and ask them to oppose a bill that would import lower cost prescription drugs from Canada (story HERE).

The ad, which has ties to the pharmaceutical industry, plays different angles to scare viewers into opposing a bill that has bipartisan support in Tallahassee (story HERE), as well as support across the political spectrum from lawmakers such as Ron DeSantis and Bernie Sanders.

You won’t hear about that in the advert.

What you will hear is cherry-picked quotes about horror stories regarding drugs from Russia and China. These are convenient countries to select considering the recent headlines regarding interference in elections, and a contentious trade war. Nothing about our neighbors to the north, who are already using these drugs with positive results.

They ad will also leave out the part of the drugs requiring FDA approval. It in fact goes the opposite direction, describing these drugs as if they’re being mixed in the bathroom of a recreational vehicle.

We’re use to political ads that stretch the truth, we are in the “Heart of the I4” corridor after all, one of the biggest political battlegrounds in the country.

But this message is cause for deep concern.

This is because it targets seniors, who are already the prime target for so many scams, tries to deceive them into paying higher prices for something that is keeping them alive.

All to preserve their profits.

I would encourage everyone to learn as much as possible about the bill (link HERE), and then make up your mind for yourself.

Frank Torres is a Pro Content Producer and Media Personality. When he’s not blogging, podcasting, or shooting videos on FTR he’s helping others grow their operations. He resides in Orlando, Florida and misses his time in the military everyday.

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