Daytime TV is earned media every Democratic presidential hopeful should be fighting for

New Jersey Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate, Cory Booker, was on the daytime talker “The Real” yesterday and had a strong showing, no doubt pulling in support from voters that still may be candidate shopping with months to go and such a large field.

Booker had batting practice with the panel, easily knocking down answers to “softball” questions about his platform with plenty of time to elaborate and no contentious follow up from the hosts.

Afterwards, he talked about his movie star girlfriend, Rosario Dawson (happy birthday btw), and recognizing the importance of appreciating mothers for the upcoming holiday weekend.

It wasn’t quite a commercial, but it was pretty close. A win for his campaign for sure.

He wasn’t the first. former Vice President Joe Biden, made one of his first television media stops as a candidate on “The View”, which to their credit makes it a point to talk to lawmakers from both sides of the aisle on a regular basis.

Everybody that calls themselves a presidential candidate should be all over the producers of these programs for an appearance. It’s often friendly air that portrays them in a likeable manner.

These shows also cater towards a group that is very much in the air. The female voter in middle class suburban areas (story HERE). These shows are aimed towards that demographic.

Here in Orlando, candidates fought to reach those voters on the ground in 2018, by knocking on these doors while they’re watching these programs. If you’re running for President, getting on these programs now and then implementing a grassroots game as you move closer to the primary means you’re getting in these houses twice on some days, possibly three times if you’re doing mail.

That’s if Joe Biden hasn’t wiped them all out before they get to Orlando.

Earned media can keep you in this race. Ask Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who’s either third or fourth in the polls depending on which ones you’re looking at.

You do well on television, you’ll get asked on other programs, and you’ll start to reap the rewards of earned media and news coverage.

Don’t think it works that way? Ask President Trump who rode prime time cable TV to victory. Ask Governor Ron DeSantis, who was a FOX News staple before announcing his gubernatorial run.

Keep you’re campaign alive. Get on daytime TV.

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