Internet trolls don’t like Gina Carano’s social media posts and want her kicked off The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is such a wonderful show and my favorite TV experience at the moment. But for something so good, it tends to draw out the wimpiest crowds that can get upset at so little.

For example, let’s talk about last week’s episode where Baby Yoda happened to find unfertilized frog eggs tasty. Social media called it murder and tried to cancel Baby Yoda.

Because they didn’t like his dieting habits, they tried to cancel a puppet. Never mind that the week before there was a pit monster eating people. That was okay.

This time, it’s a character that may show up a couple of times this season and has been absent up to this point.

Former MMA Champion Gina Carano, who plays Cara Dune on the show is often outspoken and political on her social media. She expresses her opinion outside of the context of the show and of course her views never come into play on the direction we go with the Mandalorian.

But the same people that were upset at a fictional creature eating eggs from an alien that doesn’t exist are upset at Carano for those views.

It’s another example of internet trolls complaining and flooding the channels with calls to fire someone that doesn’t agree with them on every. Single. Little. Thing.

And that’s unfortunate because this time, their target is working on a small part of a show that has been a highlight in a pandemic ravaged 2020 that has the theater industry in collapse and has created a backlog of great work we should have seen already.

But let’s focus on one social media feed from a part time cast member and burn an entire show to the ground over it.

Internet Trolls never stop trolling.

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