NBA pledge to use arenas as polling places must include free parking at the venues

In a noble sounding effort, the NBA has pledged to use team arenas around the country as polling locations for the big November elections, in an effort to make the process as easy as possible for voters (story HERE). The news came down as players boycotted play this week in a push for reform after a black man was shot in the back by police in Wisconsin seven times.

Let’s hope those locations include free parking.

To some that may sound petty, but it’s not. Parking is notoriously bad around those venues, which is why so many favor shuttles to get to the games, but those won’t be available on November 3rd.

And voters could find themselves facing a hefty parking fee or worse, a fine, if they don’t park correctly.

Then the entire purpose of the exercise, to make voting accessible to everyone that is eligible, goes out the window. That’s just junk really.

The sad truth is that these venues are designed to make money at every opportunity and it’s not just for basketball. Hockey, wrestling, concerts, they’re all designed to take as much money from you as possible. If you’ve ever been to the arena in your town before then you know that his is true.

And some of these are private companies that make look to exploit the occasion for extra opportunities to make voters pay.

It’s great that the league is doing this. But they’re also enjoying the PR bounce from the gesture as well. We have to make sure that the voters don’t show up on their lunch break during what may be their only chance to vote and realize they just have to pay between $10 and $25 dollars to do so.

That would fly in the the face of everything this is supposed to be about.

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