What’s Trending in Orlando? : Friday The 13th, Disney World Capacity, Call Of Duty Cold War

The weekend is almost upon us, and Orlando is worried about making it through a Friday the 13th here in 2020, the largest theme park in the world raising their capacity limits in pandemic, and the biggest video game title of the year.

It’s Friday The 13th: Watch your back. It’s that time of year when your superstitions tend to get the better of you and your neighbors. The thing here is that it’s 2020 and this dreadful year which is crawling towards it’s end had already pushed many of us to our limits. Still, this is really our minds playing tricks on us and there really isn’t anything there…Probably.

Disney World is getting more crowded: Disney had one of the more dramatic close of businesses of the year on Thursday, announcing a massive drop in theme park revenues. While Disneyland was shaking their fist at the state of California for their tough restrictions, Disney World right here in Orlando announced they were raising their capacity to 35% (story HERE).

Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War: Is here in in Orlando (story HERE) and while many players are excited and the reviews are mostly positive, the world famous first person shooter is experiencing some problems on various servers.

So, whether it’s because they’re being taken out by a camping sniper or can’t get into the game to begin with. The COD player in your house will likely be swearing today and taking out their anger on anyone in their proximity.

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