WWE dismissal of Zelina Vega should worry fans here in Orlando

One of the businesses I’m most proud of see thrive here in Orlando is the WWE. I’ve been watching the organization for over 30 years and when they set up the training center at Full Sail on the East side, it was a really exciting moment for fans of the sport in Central Florida. The best and the brightest would kick off their careers here. When then Governor Rick Scott and Mayor Teresa Jacobs helped open the place it was a victory for everyone.

Much of the WWE operation is currently existing here in Orlando. Especially on the TV side. The Thunderdome is at the Amway Center and is the temporary home of every episode of RAW and Smackdown. Orlando has hosted more Wrestlemanias than anyone and Tampa is up next.

But with the Friday afternoon dismissal of Zelina Vega, it’s time for Orlando to pay attention to how they’re treating their talent over there.

Like many other wrestlers Vega had a side hustle. Wrestlers take other gigs because they can’t wrestle forever and once they get hurt or can’t perform anymore they’re time is up. Professional Athletes in other sports do it all of the time. For Vega it was a Twitch feed.

Recently, the WWE said they didn’t want their wrestlers taking those extra jobs and if they did, they wanted a cut (story HERE).

That’s not fair. And after Vega spoke her mind, she was fired.

And all of this is taking place during a pandemic where the whole organization is at risk. And hence the community.

Unfair labor practices in an unhealthy environment. In our community, to these athletes who are also our neighbors.

It might be time to start asking questions.

We want everyone to do business here in Central Florida. And I still love the WWE very much. But they can’t treat people this way. Not in Orlando

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