Aaron Gordon diss track after Dunk Contest fiasco is good for Orlando sports

Orlando Magic Forward, Aaron Gordon, dropped a diss track this morning.

That sounds like something I would be typing in quarantine during a pandemic, and given how crazy it sounds, it would have been just as tough to believe just a few short months ago.

But when there are injustices combined with unusual circumstances, you get unusual results. Gordon dropped the video below after being robbed for a second time by bad judges during the Slam Dunk contest earlier this year.

The track is getting mixed reviews. There is plenty of material directed at Dwyane Wade, the judge who shorted Gordon in favor of his Miami Heat legacy project, Derrick Jones jr.

While Gordon may not have much of a hip hop career in front of him, he’s right still very right. And now, when the sports world is gasping for news, there might not have been a better time to do this.

Let’s hope more athletes from Orlando follow his lead. It’s good for Orlando sports.

This is because these kind of events in Central Florida are still viewed as an anomaly to the rest of the sports world.

You don’t hear “diss track” and think Orlando.

It’s also good that we have edgier behavior from our athletes that can grab headlines that doesn’t involve law enforcement.

And please, please, don’t forget the robbery that kicked off this entire dialog. The pure disrespect aimed at Gordon and Orlando after that dunk contest. Remember this dude dunked over Tacko Fall.

He can talk about this as much as he wants.

And when the Miami Heat eventually do come back to town, they should play this track on the loud speakers of the Amway Center during every timeout.

Because it’s time for the disrespect to end.

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