Despite Jalen Ramsey drama, Gardner Minshew has the country loving the Jacksonville Jaguars right now

The Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the Denver Broncos on Sunday, 26-24, in another exciting game that has the country talking about Gardner Minshew. The “Uncle Rico” clone from “Napoleon Dynamite” is turning heads and keeping the Jags competitive after projected starter, Nick Foles, went down in the opener.

And despite the Jalen Ramsey trade demand drama.

Don’t get it wrong, people are still talking about the diva cornerback, he’s still one of the best in the game, but it’s  media responsibility alone that keeps us informed. The fans and the press are actually enjoying the “Uncle Rico” experience that has Jacksonville getting the right kind of press. The kind they had from their AFC championship run from a couple of years back. The buzz that makes you want to root for this team.

One players says “Number 20 deserves 20” (million).

The other player is lifting up a team he wasn’t even supposed to be leading.

And really, you give Leonard Fournette another yard against the Houston Texans a couple of weeks ago and this could be a 3-1 team. They’ll settle for 2-2 for now.

Jacksonville has two tough games against the Panthers and Saints coming up, after that it’s possible for this team to go on a run if Minshew can keep this momentum going and if the members of this great defense that actually want to be there, can hold it together.

If he can’t, then we still have Nick Foles coming back and we can give Minshew more time to develop. Two good quarterbacks on a roster is a great problem to have.

This is one of the most interesting teams in football right now. They were suppose to be a tragedy after Foles got injured.

Not the case, and now we’ll get to see how far “The Legend of Gardner Minshew” can take us.


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