For Jacksonville Jaguars, it’s back to square one without Nick Foles

It’s really not fair. Is it?

The Jacksonville Jaguars finally get their quarterback in Super Bowl Champion, Nick Foles, he comes in, throws one beautiful touchdown pass, then breaks his clavicle.

There is no timetable for his return.

And just like that the Jaguars are once again left without a quarterback. Make no mistake, this team is right back to where it was last season without Foles. There was some encouraging play from Gardner Mishnew, but he’s not on the same level as Foles.

To add even more irony to the situation, Foles was considered a savior in Philadelphia the last two seasons when he came off of the bench in relief of injured Carson Wentz.

Who’s going to save the Jags?

In all fairness, Jacksonville was an underdog against this high powered Kansas City Chiefs offense anyways, but this team can make the playoffs under the right circumstances. They have a lot of winnable games on the schedule.

But they need a quarterback. Again.

It’s really not fair.

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