Heck no, U.S Women should absolutely not go easy on World Cup competition

Yesterday, the United States Women’s National Team defeated Thailand 13-0 in the World Cup. It was as one sided as it sounds, with the American women flying around, pitch perfectly executing plays they’ve practiced for their entire lives.

And today some people are unhappy that they won by such a large margin. These same people are unhappy that they celebrated by so much. And a lot of these same people are American.

Please. Go home and dust off your participation trophies from middle school kickball, and ask mom for a little more desert to subside the sadness you’re feeling from your own shortcomings, by watching an American team succeed on the world stage.

First off, goals matter. There is a scoring differential, which means the margin of victory can determine future placing in the tournament. You must score as much as you can.

Second. Don’t think for a second that any team in the world wouldn’t do the same thing to us, and it wouldn’t end with celebrations. There would be book deals, movie productions, and their stories would live in their nation’s sports history forever. We are America and to some countries it’s that big of a deal. The view from the bottom of the mountain looks much different than the view from the top.

Third. You might have forgotten, that our Men’s team didn’t make their world cup, and we watched the other countries play in the biggest tournament in the world from the outside looking in. Remember how that felt? I sure haven’t.

I’ll continue to do the right thing and root our Women’s national team to do their absolute best on their biggest stage.

You should do the same. They deserve no less from us.

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