Lakers showing tremendous mercy giving Dwight Howard another chance

Former Magic star, Dwight Howard, is getting a second chance in the city he ditched Orlando for. The Los Angeles Lakers are giving Howard a non-guaranteed deal for the upcoming season. This after the Lakers went through a “Dwightmare” of their own after the controversial big man left Orlando.

That is a tremendous show of mercy by the Lakers and former Magic coach, Frank Vogel, who also signed with the team with this off season.

I don’t have to tell you about the problems Howard caused here in Orlando. He was a problem with the coaches. He was a problem with teammates. And the fault was never his when the team didn’t win. The community was upset, but also kind of relieved when he left. His ego was heavy lifting.

When he got to Los Angeles, he expected to inherit the most storied franchise in basketball from Kobe Bryant. Well, unlike his situation in Orlando, Dwight was nowhere near as powerful as the Lakers legend with the organization or the fans, and he left the team after one season calling the experience a “nightmare”.

He’s been to several other teams since then, and the buzz and has remained negative. From injuries to more locker room drama, he hasn’t stopped.

Now he’s back in La La Land.

ESPN said that Howard was “humbled” and acknowledged he hit “rock bottom” (story HERE). The league will be observing how he behaves around his teammates, who were reportedly involved in the decision.

Does Howard actually deserve another chance? The players in that locker room seem to think so.

So… He does..I guess.

Basketball analysts believe Howard is a Hall of Famer. With the numbers he put up during his prime, it’s hard to argue.

Dwight should do his best to make this second run in LA notable, not only by the quality of his play, but how he treated his teammates and the community.

Who knows? He could find redemption and a championship ring this season.

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