Sixers players can’t be blameless in bubble meltdown against Celtics

Yesterday, the Philadelphia 76ers fired head coach Brett Brown after a first round sweep at the hands of the Boston Celtics. This, after seasons of fans being told to “trust the process” in a series of management decisions designed to build a winner. No winner was ever built.

Brown had to go. He was there for seven seasons. GM Elton Brand is on the hot seat. As he should be.

But in all of the drama coming out of Philly, not a lot of people are focusing at how this team quit after the first game.

Joel Embiid gave it a go without Ben Simmons but the rest of the team never showed up.

And that effort can’t go unnoticed. They recognized that Brett Brown would be the fall guy and used him to break their own fall this year. Cold stuff.

76ers castoff, Markelle Fultz, won more playoff games than this team. That bears repeating.

Markelle Fultz, who was painted as the picture of basketball dsyfunction got closer to winning a championship this year than the team that gave up on him.

I’m happy for him.

Getting back to the Sixers, I hope each of those players are put under the microscope before the beginning of next season regarding their play during this series.

If they quit on Brett Brown, they’ll quit on Jay Wright, Ty Lue, or whoever the new coach will be.

The Philly fans deserve a team that will always leave it all on the court. That’s not what they got here.

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