Super Bowl LVI: In the end the Kansas City Chiefs wouldn’t be denied

The Kansas City Chiefs can define their playoff run, and 31-20 victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night in Miami with one word.


It was determination that allowed the Chiefs to come back in their games against the Baltimore Ravens in the divisional round and against the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Championship.

It was also determination that allowed the Chiefs to come back in the fourth quarter against these Niners when they were down ten and Patrick Mahomes had committed some very uncharacteristic turnovers.

But Mahomes did come back, and on the go ahead drive he went 5-5 though the air to give Kansas City a lead they wouldn’t relinquish.

Don’t feel bad for Kyle Shannahan, Jimmy Garoppolo and this tough San Francisco team. They’ll be back. That defense is great and before the bottom fell out in the end, they played this Chiefs team as tough as anyone.

Tonight belongs to Andy Reid, the sentimental favorite of this Super Bowl, and a team of champions that refused to believe they weren’t going to leave Miami without the Lombardi trophy.

After a great Super Bowl LVI and a remarkable 100th season, we’ll be ready in the fall when we’re ready to start this journey all over again.

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