The “Washington Football Team” is inaction for the sake of merchandise sales and PR

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Washington Football Team.

That is what fans of the former Washington Redskins will be calling their team this year (story HERE). If you think it sounds silly, you’re right.

What does it say?

It says “I want you to see how hard I’m working. Look at how hard I’m working to change our inaction of this issue in the past.”

It also says “buy our limited edition merchandise”.

Looking here at home. It’s exactly the opposite of what the Green Bay Packers stand for. Could you imagine leadership at Lambeau Field doing this?

Your “Green Bay Football” team.

They wouldn’t have to say that because the world damn well knows which football team plays in Green Bay.

Right now, fans of the Washington Football Team can’t say.

They enter an uncertain season where they’re not even sure if they’ll watch their nameless team play in person. This is in addition to the poor play due to the same kind of bad decisions that got them into this mess.

They’re trying to take a question mark and turn it into a dollar sign. Fans of NFL football shouldn’t let them do that. There should be no rewards for doing nothing.

Let’s go Washington Football Team. Figure out who you are. Meditate. Go for a run. Embark on a quest. Whatever.

Just get it done. And get your fans through this embarrassing chapter of your story.

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