We learned a lot about both teams in the Bucs 28-11 win over the Jags

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated their rivals to the north, the Jacksonville Jaguars, 28-11 in a game that featured two mediocre teams trying to claw their respective ways back to at least .500 for the season.

This game had everything. Game changing turnovers, impressive catches, and some quarterback controversy.

Here are just some of the things we learned.

The Bucs can exploit a vulnerable offense: Goodness. It’s about time. This Bucs “D” has allowed more than 30 points a game for most of the season. It was cause for celebration when they forced four turnovers, and Jameis Winston was able to convert those turnovers into points. That’s how you win games.

The Jaguars don’t know who their quarterback is
: They benched Nick Foles for Gardner Minshew at half time after the crowd demanded it. The regular shots of Minshew on the sideline certainly didn’t help things for fans watching the game at home and venting on social media. Now Coach Doug Marrone with his job likely on the line has to decide which play caller he’d like to see try and save it.

These Bucs receivers continue to be fun to watch: You’ve got to love Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and OJ Howard. A day full of great catches from Jameis Winston darts that has to boost the confidence of everyone involved.

This Jaguars defense misses Jalen Ramsey: It certainly gives me no pleasure to say this, and the Rams haven’t been playing better since he’s arrived, but in Jacksonville, this defense misses Ramsey on the corner. Six straight weeks where they’ve allowed at least 26 points. That has to change.

Both teams are still a longshot to finish .500: The Bucs are finding their groove and the Jags are losing it but both teams still have tough schedules to end the season. If the former can find a way to make it happen, it would give the fans in Tampa Bay a reason to be optimistic heading into the off season.

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