Zion Williamson to the Atlanta Hawks would be great for rivalry with Orlando Magic

Tonight, the NBA draft lottery will take place at 8:30 pm from Chicago, in what is one of the most highly anticipated lotteries in years.

This is because of Zion Williamson.

If you haven’t heard of Williamson, he’s one of the most highly anticipated NBA arrivals of this generation. The Duke standout is simply put, a beast. He has a superstar potential that rivals LeBron James when “The Chosen One” entered the league all of those years back.

Every team in the lottery will be praying to the basketball gods for the number one pick.

If you’re a fan of the Orlando Magic, you’re not getting Zion. You’re a playoff team now. Big time.

So, who should we be pulling for?

The Atlanta Hawks. They have a 10.5% chance of landing him with the first pick.

“Why would we want this monster in our division?” you might be asking. And that’s a fine question.

Because he’ll turn the rather insignificant draw of an Atlanta Hawks team into one of the biggest shows in the NBA and we’ll fill up the Amway Center.

Zion Williamson will sell tickets in Orlando and when that happens, everyone wins. Those sad attendance numbers when the lowly Hawks flail into town will spike. It could even mean some more national television coverage for Orlando.

“Won’t they push us out of the playoffs?”

I don’t think so.

Atlanta will certainly be a tougher matchup. Wiliamson along with rising star Trae Young and a few other pieces on that team will allow them to contend, but here in Orlando we’re getting better as well. I believe Zion Williamson on the Hawks poses a much bigger threat to teams like the Charlotte Hornets and Washington Wizards, who will be getting worse next season. The Hornets by the way have a 1% chance of getting Zion, along with our rivals to the south, the Miami Heat.

We’ll still be in the fight next year.

So, tonight when the lottery takes place and you hear all of this buzz regarding Zion Williamson, you’ll want to see the Atlanta Hawks come out on top. It will bring some great basketball excitement to Orlando.

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